Registering on mol.usmc.mil Site

There are many government departments that have their own site that allows US government employees and workers to handle the accounts and get information from various different locations. If you are into Marine Corps you can definitely find lot of information through mol.usmc.mil that allows various Marine Corps and users to access information related to US Government Information System. The site allows and offers all the information that the government wants to provide to the users of the site. The site also informs the users that US government monitors and intercepts various communications on the Information System on the site in order to prevent any personal misconduct that are related to network operations as well as on the law enforcement and defense.

The site claims that the interception is also to prevent unwanted penetration testing by fraudsters and to avoid any interruption on the counterintelligence investigation. However, all the information that is available on the site is not private and at times might be subjected to interception.

Using the Marine Corps Official Website

To access the site you will need to type in mol.usmc.mil on the browser address bar and the site will appear with the home page that clearly indicates that this is an official Marine Corps site. The site also focuses directly on the terms and conditions that users will have to agree with if they want to make use of the site. If the users do not agree the site will not proceed further. However, if you accept you will be taken to the login page where you can enter the username and password and enjoy all the features and options available on the site.

Registering on mol.usmc.mil

If you are not a regular user on the site you will first need to register yourself on the site. You can click on Register Here and the site will redirect you to another page where you can fill up the registration form and enter all the required information. The site will also ask for Social Security Number on the portal. Users need to make sure that they do not have to leave any space or hyphens while they are entering the SSN. Once the SSN information is complete, users can type in their date of birth information and finally register on the site.

Additional Information

The site has many security features and therefore it will ask for much more information even before you are fully registered. The site will ask for pay entry base date as well as your primary military occupational specialty. You will be asked to enter the phone number so ensure that you enter the right number that they can use to contact you back when you encounter any registration issues. Once you have registered the site will offer you with a unique password that you will have to enter to verify your registration. The site will also focus on security question that you can select to retrieve your password in case you forgot your password and finally you can click the submit button to register.

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